I currently offer the following treatments :

  • Relaxation Massage

  • Deep Tissue & Fascia Release Massage

  • Holistic Massage & Movement Therapy

  • Energy Release Massage

    In the future I’ll be able offer sessions which can be declared with your insurances under additional coverage.

The Benefits

Massage Therapy has a vast amount of benefits which include.

  • Increase bodily awareness

  • Relaxing & reducing stress

  • Restore the bodies ability to heal naturally.

  • Release emotional energy

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The 15 minutes after every session are blocked to accomodate for the intake and recovery time.
So you don't have feel rushed to start or leave immediatly.

All prices are including 21% BTW and sessions cannot be declared with your insurance.


Introducing ourselves

Before the session we’ll talk about what pains you and how you’d like to feel after the treatment. This way I can help you effectively and you get the session you want.


A Personal Touch

After the formalities we’ll move to the bodywork.
I’ll check in with you regularly to see how the pressure feels.

Integrating Change

After the work you’ll have some time to land again and have some water or tea. We’ll talk about how you’re feeling and what changed.


My Mission:


Relax & Enhance

I’m Eelke, your massage- & movement therapist.

My background as a dancer taught me that free & fluid movement is a gift to be shared. Being able to move without obstacle and pain frees the mind.

Sometimes a bit more is needed to get to a liberating result, in which I apply my knowledge as a dancer in combination with what I learned at ‘De akademie voor massage & beweging’ to bring some much needed release. This may involve movement off the table or seated work.

My session start at 65,- for 60 minutes and you can choose from a small variaty of treatments or you can let me construct a customized treatment that fits your needs.



I work only by appointments, walking-in is not possible.

If you have any questions relating to the treatments or would like to book a treatment, feel free to use the contact form below or send me a whatsapp message with your question.


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